The National Accelerated Literacy Program (NALP) was jointly funded by:

  • Australian Government Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations (DEEWR)
  • Northern Territory Government Department of Education and Training (DET)
  • Charles Darwin University (CDU).

NALP finished its five-year term at the end of 2009.


Program partners outside the NT

As well as funding the National Accelerated Literacy Program in the Northern Territory, the Australian Government has also funded Accelerated Literacy partnerships with other State education authorities.

These education providers actively tested the methodology and measured its impact on students’ learning outcomes. They also supported the development of the program’s resource materials.

Mr Les Mack, Coordinator
Aboriginal Independent Community
Schools Support Unit

Anangu Education Services
Mr Bob Lines
District Director
Anangu Lands District
South Australian Department of Education and Children's Services

Shalom Christian College
Shalom Christian College
Thuringowa Central QLD 

Catholic Education Office
Catholic Education Office
Kimberley Region
Broome WA 6725



Project governance

The NALP Steering Committee guided the NALP research program and activities. It included representatives from DEEWR, DET, CDU, Department of Education and Training NSW, WA AICS, Shalom Christian College Qld, Catholic Education Office WA, Aboriginal Lands District and DECS SA.

The Steering Committee operated under the Terms of Reference, which included:

  • Consultation on the strategic directions and management of NALP, including advice on barriers which may impact on the successful implementation of the project;
  • Providing direction and advice on implementation of the project;
  • Communicating information across relevant education sectors to promote the project;
  • Identifying linkages and interdependencies with other Accelerated Literacy initiatives;
  • Maintaining membership of the Steering Committee for the duration of the program.