Support materials

A range of support materials are available to assist teachers implementing Accelerated Literacy (AL) in their classrooms:

  • Some of these resources can be downloaded directly from this website - click on the link to download a pdf file where indicated on the site
  • Some can only be downloaded from the National Digital Learning Resources Network due to copyright restrictions - further information below
  • Some resources can be purchased through Charles Darwin University Bookshop or from Karama Primary School in the Northern Territory - see below for further information


Teaching Notes

Teaching Notes act as a step-by-step guide to teaching some of the AL texts in the classroom. They are designed to support classroom teaching through the comprehensive articulation of why an individual text is used for the program, and how it may be used. Teaching Notes represent the classroom practice of the theoretical background and foundations of NALP.

The format for Teaching Notes communicates quickly and clearly how the lesson objectives are identified and made explicit as well as expanding each part of the teaching sequence.

Teaching DVDs

Teaching DVDs are designed to support classroom teaching through the demonstration of best practice for the program. They are clips of real teaching in real classrooms and they have been shot so teachers can watch AL teaching in practice.

Teachers use Teaching DVDs to:

  • see how they might tackle the content of a text
  • see how other teachers have taught in the classroom
  • see how to apply the Teaching Notes to actual classroom teaching
  • view other interaction behaviours with students
  • immerse themselves in the classroom language of AL
  • model their teaching on other successful teachers.

Contact the literacy specialist in your state or territory education authority or jurisdiction for further information about accessing the NALP Teaching DVDs. Some DVDs are available for sale from the CDU Bookshop or Karama School in Darwin. Further details below.

Practitioner guides

Practitioner Guides offer a comprehensive guide to some of the important aspects of AL. Select the Practitioner Guides page for a list of the NALP Practitioner Guides. Some of the Practitioner Guide Notes, earlier versions of the Guides, are available for download from this site or from the NDLRN repository via your state or territory education authority or jurisdiction. Some Practitioner Guides are not available for download for copyright reasons.

Book list

The careful selection of texts for teaching is an essential part of preparation for teaching the AL methodology. Books used in AL teaching are based on an engaging narrative, written in literate rather than oral language and are as near as possible to age-appropriate for any given class.

pdf icon  Download the list of books recommended for use in the National Accelerated Literacy Program.

Accessing AL support materials

Some support materials and recommended books may be purchased online through the Charles Darwin University Bookshop. For a full list of Teaching Notes and Practitioner Guides, simply type 'NALP teaching' in the keyword search of the bookshop's online shopping page. Alternatively, if you know the title of the resource, type it instead. Follow the links on the site to download the order form.

Karama Primary School in Darwin can make available a range of NALP resources for sale. Download an order form and forward to the school.

Teacher access to the NALP Teaching Notes

Many of the Teaching Notes are available in downloadable PDF format at no cost through the National Digital Learning Resources Network (NDLRN). This is a closed internet repository, however the licensing arrangements allow all teachers to have access to it via their own state or territory education authority or jurisdiction internet portal.

If you are familiar with the education authority internet portal for your state or territory and jurisdiction go to the site and log in using your existing username and password. Once you have logged into your internet portal enter 'NALP' in the search facility for a list of the NALP resources.

If you are unsure of how to access NDLRN resources through an internet portal for teachers in your state or territory, go to the NDLRN website for more information.
Pre-service teachers and other users:

Some tertiary institutions have licence arrangements for students to access the NDLRN repository. Go to the NDLRN website for further information.

If you are having difficulty accessing the NALP resources in the NDLRN repository go to the NDLRN website for information regarding support for users in your state or territory.

If you do not have access to NDLRN through one of the internet portals identified on the NDLRN website you cannot download the NALP Teaching Notes. The owners of copyright material within these documents have restricted the distribution of their material online. The terms and conditions under which these documents have been licensed only allow for access via a closed internet portal, exclusively for teacher use.