Continuing assessment is critical to the success of Accelerated Literacy (AL). By assessing students' literacy levels prior to commencing AL and then at regular intervals (for example, the beginning of Term One and the end of Term Four), teachers and students are able to see real evidence of literacy improvement over time, as well as areas that may need attention.

School level assessment

This includes oral reading assessment (Observational Reading Records) and reading comprehension assessment.

There are two types of oral reading assessment both of which are critical for NALP:

  1. IL - Individual Level assesses reading from texts which have not been taught in class and which are sometimes known as ‘unseen’, ‘unfamiliar’ or ‘unsupported’ texts. These texts have been assigned a ‘benchmark’ level matching them with a school year level. Teachers monitoring students reading these texts are assessing their ability to transfer decoding strategies to new texts without the meaning support given by literate orientation.
  2. WL - Working Level assesses work on texts that have been taught in class – the ‘familiar’, ‘seen’ or ‘taught’ texts – which students will be reading only after they have been taught about language choices during literate orientation. Teachers will be assessing how accurately the student can read these texts.

System level assessment

Funding for the NALP program concluded in 2008 and in the following years system level testing has undergone extensive change across Australia. Current requirements will vary across states and territories. AL teachers should seek advice from their relevant education authority or jurisdiction. 'Assessing Literacy Development in the NALP Classroom' provides a detailed overview of assessment in the NALP program. Download the document from the National Digital Learning Resources Network repository through your state or territory education authority or jurisdiction internet portal. Go to the Resources area of this site for details.

A detailed guide to assessment in the NALP program 'Assessing Literacy Development in the NALP Classroom' is available via download from the National Digital Learning Resources Network. Go to the resources page for more information regarding accessing this guide.