The teaching sequence

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The teaching sequence (above) was designed to guide Accelerated Literacy teaching. It is a fluid model, meaning teachers move in and out of the stages as required.

Each Accelerated Literacy stage can contribute to the development of skills in the other stages. For example, as students' decoding skills develop in the spelling stage so does their competence with reading. This in turn improves students' writing skills as they are able to write more fluently and read their writing more accurately.

The Accelerated Literacy teaching sequence is not a ‘magic bullet’; but its consistent application has resulted in quite remarkable literacy development in many previously traumatised students.  The understanding they develop through work on one text then contributes to work on the next as they become accustomed to the routine.

The Accelerated Literacy teaching sequence is a powerful and effective tool for literacy teaching. While there are many reasons for why Indigenous students, particularly from remote schools, may have literacy difficulties, these students can learn to read and work at a highly literate level on the same books as their mainstream peers.

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Accelerated Literacy is the result of a number of years of research, trials and projects throughout Australia. Click here for references to the theory and background of Accelerated Literacy's development.